Day 49 : Networking ❤❤❤ 02/03/2017

Up with the lark today! Very very busy, honestly I thought us unemployed people were supposed to be lying in till it is time for Jeremy Kyle and eating Pot Noodle for breakfast. So why am I up, showered, make up on and heading into the City Centre?


I had booked to attend the Communications Breakfast, a great and informative networking event in Glasgow, run by Creating Sparks. I haven’t been to one in a while and it is definitely time to get into proper, productive networking. It was a pretty inspiring event as the speaker was Russell Wardrop from Kissing With Confidence A very charismatic speaker who is not afraid to say what he thinks, Russell kept the audience engaged and interacting with him. If you get a moment read his blog Think Like Andy it will make you think. It was great to be back out again and talking all sorts of business as well as meeting some familiar faces. It gave my enthusiasm for ideas I have a boost and I spent the next hour sitting in my favourite Gordon Street Coffee, typing up and planning notes.

It was then off to lunch with a friend whose advice I trust. I am very blessed to have friends from so many walks of life. Their help and advice is invaluable and especially when you can have a great natter over a bowl of soup, it helps focus the plans and potential.


Yet another list made, I headed back home, walking to clear my head and sharpen that focus. You may have noticed, if you follow my FitBit, that I have not been wearing mine. This was deliberate decision as I have so much going on right now that a flippin wristband buzzing every 20 minutes or so was driving me nuts. So it has been ditched but will be back next week.

Today I realised that there are certain things I miss and that they need to be added to the ideas and goals I am setting. Taking the elements from the old and add them to the new!

Onward and keep learning!



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