Day 48 : Plan ❤❤❤ 01/03/2017

The Underground in Glasgow goes in a circle, you cannot go wrong! One way, inner and outer circle, not confusing at all. If only life went the same way, one direction with no detours.


Today started off great, walk done, avocado on brown toast for breakfast, meetings done, Core Session with GymGuyMark done and the list ticked off by 1pm. Polish my super duper planning halo, on fire today!!!!


Eh no! I had one further meeting in the City Centre and was well ahead of time, so a chill with a caffeine hit at Gordon Street Coffee was in order. And that my friends is where the circle went sideways. I took out my diary and checked what I had on my list for tomorrow and there it was, the post it note that had slipped. “REMEMBER TO CALL ***** AT 1.30PM ON WEDNESDAY” it was now well past 2pm!!!!! Ok, breathe, remember your ten minute trick and focus. Have you ever seen someone sit in the middle of a busy City Centre coffee shop, eyes closed, trying to meditate? Well the girl at the next table to me did. Focus restored, gulp of coffee taken, I made the call. Turns out that the person I was calling had left their mobile at home so I would not have got hold of them anyway. The point of all this was that my ten minute trick worked. If I had panicked called, I would have been a wittering mess and made no sense.

Lessons learned, stop using post it notes, set reminders, and combine calendars. Apart from this one little issue, today was a good day. The Core exercises are still a bit of a struggle because of my weak wrists but I have strengthening moves to try and help that.

Again, it proves that this 150 day challenge is really helping me. My focus is so much sharper and clearer, I know what stage of fitness I want to reach and I am becoming more and more aware of the effect certain foods are having on me. Perhaps I should add awareness to my Cope, Change, Challenge mantra.



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