Day 46: Motivate it Monday ❤❤❤ 27/02/2017

Woke up this morning motivated!


Belief! In myself, by others and the fact that there is a waist and slimmed down ankles.

It doesn’t take much to turn it round, focussing on where you want to go, what you want to do and perhaps discovering that the mind map you worked on ages ago is actually a reality and not just arrows and circles on a bit of paper. Revisiting blogs, notes and diaries really helps remind you of why you started down a path. It shows you that the decsions you made were right and that no matter how many times you are knocked back, you kept on trying.

Case in point! My ten minute rowing challenge, the first photo is my last three rows and the second one is today’s. 

Now I could get all upset and not see progress but I have not slipped back, I have kept the distance the same so that for me is a good thing. 

Positive Positive Positive


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