Day 44: Saturday meets and greets ❤❤❤ 25/02/2017

Saturday dawns in chilly Cumbernauld! It is such a dreich day, rainy and cold but being home at my folks always feels warm. It is a great place to recollect, reconnect and rest. It helps so much when your life is going through ups and downs to have an anchor in the storm.

I don’t know about anyone else who has been out of work but there are times when you get really low because it feels like nothing you do, apply for or network your ass off, is getting anywhere. A positive attitude can be a very challenging thing to keep. I have tried to make looking for work, my job, going about it the same way I would any project,  with professionalism and pride in my CV.

As a result of this my Blog had been suffering, I have so many drafts saved down that need published that taking the time out of job hunting to correct the hastily typed thoughts is daunting. But I will get back on track and add that to my daily must dos! Yet another thing to add to this challenge 


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