Day 42: Snow ?? ❤❤❤ 23/02/2017

Waking up this morning to a snow shower! It’s very pretty watching it through the window from a cosy warm bed but when you have a list as long as your arm to sort, you have to brave the frostbite and get up. 

Luckily living in town the snow very rarely lies for long so any excuse not to go out disappears with the slush. It’s funny when you make any kind of lifestyle change, you can easily become slightly obsessed with sticking to a routine. Being unemployed it would be very very easy to lie in and watch crap telly all day, filling myself with toast and tea. But having made the choice to deliberately change certain parts of my life, the elements I have added have become necessities. Eating a good breakfast even if it is just cereal, my 45 minute walk, my ten minute meditation and genuinely looking at the balance of my life. The signs of change are there and, for me, it is important that I can visualise that within a drawing, painting or symbol.

This is the Celtic symbol for strength and for me it represents all the twists and turns my life is going through. More of this soon.


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