Day 29 Balancing ❤❤❤

Today I wake up to snow flurries outside and a body and arms that are jet lagged. My shoulders are aching and it feels like someone has been bouncing up and down on my forearms. 

However this Friday is about the psychological not the physical as I am off for a counselling session to help rebalance my thoughts and psyche. It is vital to keep things in check particularly if you have had a history of heightened anxiety in your past. When you are coping  with the challenges and changes that are going on in your life, always remember to look after all aspects of your life. 

You look after your diet and re focus on your exercise routine, remember to take time to clear your head, shake out the cobwebs and set the dial back to zero so that you have space in the tank to refill 

Today I learned that I am stronger than I thought and it is time to pat myself on the back. 

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