Day 28 Skullcrushing! ❤❤❤

Chilly Thursday morning started with three phone calls, visit to Job Centre, two more calls then a rather out of breath walk back to Western Health and Racquets Club for a long overdue weights session with GymGuyMark.

We sat and had a chat before the session began because Mark wanted to check what I had been doing fitness wise. Then into the weights room to get started. 

We started with me on my back on the bench attempting my first ever “lift” with wimpy features here only managing to lift the 20kg bar on its own. Yet again finding places in my arms to ache that I never knew existed.

Then it was onto using these bad boys for two different exercises! Wimpy features here nearly had a whitey when my head couldn’t keep up with my body and a wee dizzy spell took hold. Muscles and arms are really whinging now.

Next, some straight forward lifts and curls with arms and muscles that are growing ever so slightly concerned about the amount of work I am making them do. Trying to make your body believe that it has more in the tank and it can keep lifting weights is tough. But determination is present so lets keep going.

Next another lift using kettlebell then a bucket of water to refill and a wee bit of pulling in time to Beyoncé!!!!!!

Our final lift was with me flat on my back on the floor with a weight in my hand. According to GGM it is known as the skullcrusher and it should look similar to this but for the first time ever, after managing a few lifts, my arms decided that enough was enough and the tank was empty. 

I have never experienced this before where my arms genuinely could not support the weight. It was so frustrating not to be able to complete the set but the tank was well past red and running on fumes. The beauty of a good PT is that they should know that you are genuinely done so we finished off with some stretching. 

Check my Facebook page for after session video 

It was a good session even if it left me dragging my bag home because I couldn’t lift it!!!!! But it showed how much work I have to do to get back to the weights I used to be able to lift. 

Day 28 G learned determination

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