Day 16 and 17 Coping with Challenge ❤❤❤

Firstly apologies for no Blog yesterday, it was for good reason. 

One if the biggest challenges I am facing at the moment is being unemployed and I am sure there are many of you out there who will appreciate the issues that brings. Not just the research into potential opportunities, networking and applying for work but the dealing with other agencies. It can be very tough when things do not turn out as expected and you need to spend precious hours on and off the phone rearranging, sorting and listening to hold music. But if this 150 day challenge had taught me anything it is to focus! Feel sorry for yourself, stretch then get up off your butt and take action. 

So after a heck of a Friday, I fell off the food wagon big time but still managing 30 minutes walking and 15 minutes stepping up and down on Mum and Dad’s stairs. But the result was that today I felt shattered, the combination of stress, crap food and not a lot of sleep meant that, apart from my 40 minute walk, I listened to my body and rested. The will to exercise was there but it was more important that I got my balance back. It is all part of this 150 day challenge to find said balance and cope.

Tomorrow I will be back, I think some zen treadmill action is required!


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