Day 15 Streeeettchhhh ❤❤❤

The day after spin dawns! Even the thought of getting out of bed was a challenge. I am not sore from Spinning because I was “sensible” and stretched, it is more that my body is saying … What??? You put us through that yesterday and expect us to move today? ??? Sorry but we are calling our union, strike!!!! … My problem was I had so much to do today, the legs had to be moved. A brisk walk thought I and managed to drag my body half way down Hyndland Road before a wee seat at the bus stop beside an 85 year old lady was required. 

Of course I got lots of sympathy from GymGuyMark “Aw poor you 😀😜” which means get yourself down to the Gym, you have PT.  GGM did relent and we did some great stretches which really helped. The beauty of working with trainers you know and trust is that they understand when to push you and when to hold back. I could have attempted a weights session today but GGM knows I would probably have been so frustrated with myself it would have been a waste. So some strong stretching out the aches and strains it was! 

Where did my other leg go?

One of the ideas behind this challenge is to find a sustainable level of exercise and pattern of eating that fits my lifestyle. It is also to prove to all you gymophobes, recovering or otherwise, that there will be an activity that you can do. Whether that is dog walking, Spinning, playing squash or tennis, gym or climbing the stairs every day, it all helps. And I do mean it when I say if I can have a go then anyone can. 

No video today as most of you are probably still recovering from watching yesterdays so, here is a lovely sunset which is probably as red as my face was.

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