Day 13 Rowing! ❤❤❤

I think I might be losing it!

All this watching what I eat, making sure I drink enough gin, I mean water, and the fitness targets are finally getting to me. Oh oh, are you giving up G? I hear you cry! 

Far from it today I added another challenge to my fitness goals. I am revisiting an old target once set to me by GymGuyMark. It’s the how far can you row in ten minutes and to be frank today was a bit weak. Let’s see how we do on Friday!

Apart from one wee slip I stuck to my healthy eating plan and to be honest even the slip was still within a balanced calorie intake. I had a hot dog at the cinema. So the halo I earned earlier in the day by eating an amazing super salad from Williams in Queen Margaret Drive when my friend Rae had a brownie, slipped slightly.

Today was a good day, hit the over 10000 on the FitBit, keeping the focus and balance as well as job hunting. Tomorrow another day and possibly another challenge


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