Day 12 The 60 minute focus ❤❤❤

FitBit back on and off we go. 

This week it is all about keeping up the daily 30 minutes plus looking at what I eat and making sure I keep the balance right. My main goal is to try not to eat between meals unless it is something I need after a fitness session. 

For example today

Breakfast Bowl of Special K with skimmed milk

Lunch homemade vegetable soup with whole meal crackers

Banana and zero fat Greek yoghurt after Cardio session

Dinner Beans on brown toast 

I did cardio for an hour on the machines at Western Health and Racquets Club gym and even used the much hated cross trainer. My legs were like jelly afterwards as you can see from the short video on my Facebook page.  I find that working on the machines really helps me focus on setting a goal and getting there. I am trying not to listen to the aches and, as Mark would say, focus on what I am achieving and breathe. 

So new week, new goals to add to the 30 minutes daily exercise, here we go!

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