Day 11 FitBit Free ❤❤❤

So Day 11 is here and I decided to break free of the FitBit. I have been using it to time myself to make sure I cover the 30 minutes but today I decided to go by how I felt. 

I powered walked round my usual circuit and I have to say the old legs felt okay. That is until the cramp started, I felt like my leg was trying to bend in two and standing at a crossing is not always the easiest place to stretch. By the time I got home the cramp had got worse so it was into a warm shower, lots of stretching and tonnes of water. This is the first time this had happened in a while and it kind of floored me for the rest of the day. 

But we are now onto my third week and over the next fortnight it will be focus on food as well as keeping up the fitness routines I gave started.



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