Day 9 and yet again, change ❤❤❤

Yup, the best laid plans went sideways again today. I was up very early to come back to Glasgow after a night at my folks and then had two calls to make before going to the Job Centre just after 9am. Add to that a visit to the Bank plus another two calls and I am afraid no Spinning and no gym today.

However with all the walking about my FitBit is looking good so I guess my idea of fitting in at least 30 minutes walking is still well on course and it definitely helped to keep my poor old muscles going!

The one issue I have come across is dehydration. I need to start carrying water with me when I am out walking. I thought it was possibly because I have cut way back in the caffeine but after sinking two pints of water straight, I think I was thirsty. 

So the weekend arrives and there are lots to be done and planned for, I am beginning to feel a difference more in my attitude than my physical self but that is a separate blog.



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