Day 8 and the muscles are being tested ❤️❤️❤️

Have you ever heard a muscle scream? A ligament complain? Or a part of your body just to refuse to work?

I have!

Today I got back into gym mode properly, after a morning of CV sending, doing phone interviews and researching it was good to get out but currently questioning my sanity of agreeing to a PT session with GymGuyMark. We started out with some cardio on the treadmill, cross trainer and the bike followed by some quote “gentle weights” and stretching. I have no idea why but I still foolishly think when Mark says we will start off light, I believe him. It did not feel light at all, in fact it felt like my muscles were giving me the finger and turning into sulky teenagers that refused to tidy up their room. They just wanted to sit happily behind their duvet of fat and sleep. It is tough when you are trying to get back into any level of fitness because the mental battle can be as tough as the physical one. The brain is telling you that you are shattered and that there is no way you can carry on , then your body kicks in with the warning that you are about to throw up, faint or pull a muscle.

That is where determination needs to kick in and if you can get yourself to the point where the belief in what you are doing quietens all the complaining and whinging your body does, you can push on through.

Mark summed it up really well. I was really struggling on the cross trainer and my legs had gone into a jelly like state. When I stepped off, Mark asked me how I was doing, and struggling for breath I said, I am done in. Like all good personal trainers should, Mark said that I was doing well and he was confident there was till more in the tank. Grudgingly I admit that he was right there was definitely a gallon or so still to use.

After a restorative bowl of minestrone from Caffe Parma, a wee bit of Blog writing and a chill out watching some tennis, things do feel slightly better. But this is just the start, tomorrow is spinning at Boiler Room Fitness and I have a feeling it maybe into the reserve tank with the red light flashing.

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