Day 3 … 148 to go ❤❤❤

Today was always going to be tough! Initially I had nothing planned so the huge temptation was, that after my morning walk, I would spend the day in my PJ’s watching boxed sets. My excuse was going to be that it was freezing outside and with aching muscles from yesterday I didn’t want to pull anything.

However that all changed when I heard that the teenage son of a former colleague of mine had passed away after a long battle with leukimia. We had not been in touch for some time but it is one of those instances where you cannot not go to the funeral. I knew her son well when we worked together and she and her family showed me great support when I needed it. It was a very sobering occasion but I have to say joyful! They celebrated his life and love of music, books and sport. The only tears were ones of laughter as his Dad recounted the many sports his son had tried but never stuck to or when he discovered that he couldn’t throw until he finally managed to lob a rugby ball through next doors brand new conservatory.

Coming back on the train that story stuck in my head. 15 years of age, more a scholar than a sports guy but he kept trying even when he was seriously ill. It kind of put all my aches and pains into perspective but at the same time like the broken conservatory window I guess my complaining legs are a sign that I am trying.

Today’s post is not what I intended but like the three key words in my challenge, change has to be coped with. Total of 50 minutes walking today will do for now


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